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To contact Donations for Cancer to ask for assistance in yours, or a loved ones, battle with cancer, please leave a message with Helen at 1-919-800-0146. Or email Helen at

Once your information has been processed, Donations for Cancer will begin collecting the funds needed to fight your cause.

To qualify:

1. You must have proof from a medical doctor that you, or your loved one, actually has a medical need for us to raise funds to aide in your battle.

2. You must have proof that you have a financial need. The battle for your life shouldn’t have financial constraints. Donations for Cancer would like to bridge the gap for those that can’t afford the care beyond insurance, beyond savings, and, what seems, to be beyond hope.

While we want to be able to assist everyone who is battling this disease, the reality is we can only help as far as our funds will spread.

Please contact Donations for Cancer, let us know what is needed, no matter how small, and we will do what we can to assist you.

You may also use the contact form below to contact Donations for Cancer for any questions or assistance.

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