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About Us

Donations For Cancer is a Non-Profit Charity that was created as a collaborative brain child of people who felt an overwhelming need to help.  Everyone involved in creating DFC has been touch by this insidious disease, one way or another.  We are either survivors or have had close family and friends struck by cancer.

Our Tag-line is: “To us, it’s personal” and that is why we created this organization.

Our Mission: It’s quite simple – we want to help people with Cancer to get the help they need to fight the disease.   There are a number of excellent organizations who are dedicated to research to win the battle against cancer.  They do much needed and awesome work.   However, we want to get down in the trenches and help the individuals with their personal fight.

Our Goal: Is also quite simple – we will help ease some of the challenges that Cancer patient’s face.

“Wouldn’t It Be Cool” if we could …

Wouldn’t it Be Cool if we could help parents of a child pay for life saving drugs?

Wouldn’t it be cool if we were able to pay for a wheel chair ramp for a patient who is weakened by their fight?

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could provide transportation for people to get to and from treatments?

With your donations we will make these “Wouldn’t It Be Cool” questions possible. To us, Cancer is personal and we invite you to make it personal too.

Help us make “Wouldn’t it be Cool” become reality.