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We are a non profit organization dedicated to helping individual needs of people with cancer. Although a lofty goal, with the proceeds of our fund raising efforts we wish to identify and help those in need of help with their fight. These needs could be a simple as a ride to a doctor appointment, adding a wheelchair ramp to a home or helping to pay for needed medication.

Our tag line says, “To us, it’s personal” Because it is.

Everyone involved in our organization has been touched in one way or another by cancer. We want to do something to make a difference. In order to succeed we need your help! Based on statistics, almost everyone on the planet has or will be touched by cancer during their lifetime. If you have been touched either personally, or though a friend or loved one, we invite you to get involved! Simply donate your gently used items to our thrift store, Thrift Place. Let us do the rest. You can make a difference just by cleaning your closet or garage.

Thank you for your support!

Thrift Place

We are happy to announce the opening of our new thrift store, Thrift Place. Thrift Place will be a unique and upbeat store in Holly Springs. Our Goal will be to impress you with our selection, quality, and great pricing. Thrift Place is deeply committed to helping any of our neighbors in need with their fight against cancer. However, we can’t do this alone.

You can help make this a reality by donating your gently used goods. Please drop off your donations at our store or call us for a convenient pick-up.

Any and all of your donations will make a difference helping local people in need.

Please Blog

Here is your opportunity to share your story or tell about someone you love. Simply click here to register and you will be able to create your own blog page. Configure this any way you want by simply writing or get creative by uploading photos. Share details of a current fight or give tribute to someone who can no longer tell their story.

Our goal is to create a blog community of support and knowledge to help anyone and everyone who is in need through these blogs and forums of followers comments.

Others will be able to give you their encouragement, learn, be inspired, gain hope or just know they are not alone.

Please get involved by creating your blog today!